i am a photographer, writer, artist, calligrapher and baker. through my experiences i define what makes us human: the raw hungry desire to live and love… and its satiation. thank you for visiting my blog, i hope you enjoy your stay! 

dunking biscuits

dunking biscuits

...for an irresponsibly long time is bound to result in either soggy biscuits at the bottom of your teacup or some rather profound thoughts. i came across mine while reading Rilkes’ Letters to a Young Poet and dunking said biscuits. in the very first of his letters to his then-unknown anguished protege, Rilke in his warm-hearted deeply philosophical way, says,

“ask yourself in the stillest hour of the night: must i write?”


and that, my dear reader, is why this blog is here and most certainly, the biscuits are not.

however, as Rilke also said, 

“the creator must be a world for himself and find everything in himself and in Nature to whom he has attached himself”

which means that unless you are willing to go out on a limb and write with your heart, don't. we all know its as big a risk as dunking a biscuit, but writing feeds the appetite...and anything that feeds the appetite – of love, of life, of being – is quite simply, soul-full, and as delicious as the crisp snap of a gingernut.

there are tips and blogs and youtubes galore on how to perfectly dunk your biscuit. im pretty positive also, that with time and patience i too can perfect the fine art of biscuit dunking while my thoughts do a merry jig and my pencil tells tales.

i hadn't written for the longest time, and although the yearning was strong, the mind was occupied with other things, such as life... which i realised, that the living of life, is, the nature to which we are attached and therefore must write about.

make sense?

of course it does.

now have another biscuit…

homemade crisp gingernuts

we are travellers of love

we are travellers of love